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Melbourne Sugar

On Saturday I went across to Melbourne for a series of lectures on Sugar, Paleo and related topics given by a fantastic line-up of presenters.

Dr Rod Tayler organised the event and gave the first lecture, which was quite an eye opener into how much sugar the average Australian actually eats.  It’s quite frightening to think how much sugar most people mindlessly consume – something we have no real requirement for.

Sugar melbourne conference event seminar quit give up-min


Dr Ken Sikaris gave a fantastic talk about fructose metabolism, which I wish had been recorded.  He was a fantastic speaker and I learnt so much from his talk.  I really think he should speak at the Ancestral Health Symposium on Fructose this year!  I knew that fruit isn’t the wonder food that conventional wisdom would have you believe, but Dr Sikaris explain exactly why – and exactly what happens to the fructose.  I really hope the Paleo community get to hear more from Dr Sikaris.

Dr Anastasia Boulais was up next and gave a great talk about making the right food choices with a framework to guide this process.  This was a great talk, as I think a lot of people think it’s too hard to eat a Paleo diet – and that it’s an all or nothing approach – which just isn’t the case.

I really enjoyed Jamie Scott ‘s lecture about what Paleo is – and isn’t.  It was great that he also spoke about the lifestyle factors – not just what we eat, as the whole lifestyle is important, not just nutrition in isolation.

David Gillespie was next.  I read David’s book “Sweet Poison” when it first came out and found it so well written, that it became one of those books I regularly lend to interested friends and families.  It was really good to meet the man himself and to hear his talk.  David spoke about his background as a lawyer, and how he came to give up sugar – his talk linked in very well to those before and built up a compelling case.  I’m looking forward to getting started on his new book “Big Fat Lies”.

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Meeting David Gillespie

After the break, another familiar face took to the stage.  I’d met Dr Ted Arnold in LA at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year (there were a few of us from this part of the World at the AHS!).  He spoke about where we’ve come from and looked at the ever changing (but not in the right direction) nutritional advice and food pyramids.

We then heard a completely different angle from Alice Hucker, who spoke about the psychological barriers to healthy eating.  I think this is such an important topic, yet one that doesn’t get discussed very often.  I’d have like to have heard more on this topic.

Finally we heard from Dr Michael Axtens and his positive experience with changing his diet

I was so impressed to see so many people at the lecture – I bet just a couple of years ago filling the room would not have been possible.  There was a great mix of people, from those already following some sort of Paleo/ ancestral/ low-carb/ no-sugar eating plan, to those very interested in making positive changes to their diet and health.

A significant number of those in the audience were doctors, medical professionals and dieticians.  I spoke to one dietician who had been told about the event by a client and was very interested in learning as much as she could.  It’s so encouraging to see more and more of these people showing an interest in a Paleo approach.

It was so pleasing to appreciate the huge wealth of knowledge and expertise we have in Australia and New Zealand – I think we can definitely give the American Paleo folk a run for their money!  I can’t wait for more home-grown Paleo events!

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Cutting Back on Fruit

I've definitely started to notice there are a lot more Paleo friendly stories in the media recently.  Perhaps the tide is finally turning?

I used to eat a lot of fruit and was always under the impression that you could never have too much.  It’s good for you, right?  Since I've got more and more into Paleo I've drastically cut back my fruit consumption from several pieces a day – down to maybe one or two pieces a week.  Fruit contains a lot of fructose, which means it elevates blood sugar.  I limit my carbohydrate intake in my Paleo diet, so fruit doesn't feature very often.  I've been feeling great since I've been limiting carbohydrates, so I'm definitely on the right track.

When I do have fruit, I make sure I go for something in season.  I also choose a fruit with a good nutritional profile, and a lower fructose content.  Berries are a really good choice as they contain antioxidants and relatively lower sugar than many other fruits.  Now we’re almost coming into summer fresh berries are becoming more and more abundant, so it’s definitely time to enjoy them.  I eat a wide variety of good quality grass-fed organic meat and vegetables, so I am certain I am not missing out any nutrients by omitting regular fruit from my diet.

The Sydney Morning Herald posted an article this weekend on the role of sugar in obesity, in which Dr Taylor talks about how he believes sugar, not fat is behind the rise in obesity.  Dr Taylor is running the Epworth Sweet Study in Melbourne where 100 participants are restricting carbohydrate (and fruit) intake, with positive results.

Hopefully articles like this will become more and more common place.

Have you limited your fruit intake?  Which types of fruit do you value the most?

Cutting back on fruit fructose natural sugar health paleo diet-min