How to cut a bell pepper capsicum technique paleo-min

How to cut a bell pepper

How do you cut yours? I always used to get seeds everywhere when I cut up a capsicum (or bell pepper as they're known elsewhere in the world), until I found this technique. No mess, no wastage – and best of all the seeds stay together and can be easily removed.

Tutorial How To Cut Bell Pepper Capsicum-min

So all you need to do is:

  • Cut the top and bottom off the bell pepper/ capsicum
  • Next to one of the white sections, connecting the outside to the seeds, make a cut down
  • Open out the side of the pepper/ capsicum, cutting away the pieces attached to the centre as you go
  • Remove the seed section
  • Put out the stalk from the top of the capsicum/ bell pepper
  • Now you have three clean sections to cut up!

How do you cut yours? I'd love to hear any good techniques that you use, in the comments below!