sleeping pills tablets awake paleo diet health wake up-min

Sleep! Wake Up!

Tired and lacking in energy during the day – then wide awake at night?  I wonder how many people opt to take a pill for that?

sleeping pills tablets awake paleo diet health wake up-min

It struck me as completely ridiculous, when I saw how many sleeping tablets and “stay awake” (anti sleeping?) pills I saw in the pharmacy recently.  They're even stocked right next to each other (though thankfully they didn't have a “buy sleeping pills, get caffeine pills free” offer).  I can't help but think relying on pharmaceuticals to enable your body to rest and repair – and then again to enable you to function during the day is a recipe for disaster.  As well as the start of a chain of reliance on drugs to sleep – and then wake up.

Where the tiredness after lunch is a result of a huge sugar crash (thanks to a refined carb-heavy lunch), surely adding caffeine pills into the mix is only going to make things a whole lot worse?

I also wonder how restorative a sleeping pill induced sleep is compared to a natural sleep?

When people struggle to sleep and stay awake at appropriate times, this is surely a clear sign that behavioural changes are needed (change of diet to Paleo, getting up earlier, reducing stress and exercising perhaps?).  Behavioural changes aren't a quick thing, but surely they are a better long-term plan than taking one pill to counter act the other pill!

What do you think?  Would you take a pill to sleep, then a pill to wake up?

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  1. mike groton
    mike groton says:

    I do this now.
    I take two pills a day plus 8-10 cups of coffee. Then, at night I take two pills to help me sleep.
    I’ve been a very strict Paleo eater for over a year now. I have major allergies to food and all I eat is ground beef (mostly grass-fed) and organic broccoli. That’s it, for three meals per day and for five months now. What’s going on?

  2. Kevin B
    Kevin B says:

    Great post Suz, the folks at Bayer are making very good money providing a product that isn’t necessary once people know the natural alternative.

    Diet and exercise is a critical part of that mix for sure. I know someone who used to regularly have night terrors. Once they converted to Paleo, took a regular exercise routine, and was disciplined in ‘early to bed /early to rise’, the night terrors stopped. Plus of course their days were a lot more motivated, productive, and they were fitter, healthier and their self esteem increased faster than the value of a facebook share.

    You mention in your post:
    “Behavioural changes aren’t a quick thing” … who say’s so?
    Can you or your readers think of a time when their behaviour changed instantly?

    I can think of many.

    Hey… who converted me to a whole 30 trial? My behavour changed over night and that 30 days must be 150 days + PALEO now…

    What I have discovered working with people on sleep, is that there are successful strategies and unsuccessful strategies. It is entirely possible to unpick a person’s strategy and help them install a new one rapidly, and for there to be immediate behavioural changes.

    Is there anyone reading this who is Paleo, exercises and still struggles with sleeping or waking? If so, what impact is that having on your life? Would it be valuable to get a new strategy, sleep better and remove those problems? If so, holler and I’ll happily assist members of this community (for free).

    I’d love to know if there are any statistics out there on quality of sleep when comparing Paleo and Non Paleo!? Has anyone seen that… that would be really interesting.

    Sleep well my friends,

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Thanks Kevin, that’s true, I guess behaviours can change quickly.
      I just wish more people would realise/ try changing their lifestyle and diet BEFORE resorting to drugs.
      It certainly would be interesting if there was a clinical study on sleep with and without a Paleo/ Primal lifestyle. I for one feel I actually need less sleep, but it’s better quality and far more refreshing!

    • Lisa from Oz
      Lisa from Oz says:

      HELP Kevin HELP !!

      I honestly thought that Paleo would be the answer to all my sleeping problems, but honestly I do not feel any different and if anything my sleeping problems are getting much worse, I am at the point were I just want to cry I am sooooooooo tired all the time.


      • Kevin B
        Kevin B says:

        Hi Lisa,
        I have emailed you a message to your inbox – check it out, given me a shout, and we’ll have you in the land of nod before you get to the end of this sente… zzzzz


  3. Lisa from Oz
    Lisa from Oz says:


    Just to answer the “impact on your life” question, it’s like a catch 22 situation, as I seriously need to really motivate myself to do any exercise because I am so tired all the time, I feel without the exercise I can’t sleep properly and with being unable to get a good nights sleep I can’t exercise to my full potential, if that makes any sense.

  4. Andre
    Andre says:

    I eat ‘paleo’, I am an athlete, I don’t drink coffee or take pills. I cant sleep. I am thinking the people who take pills and drink coffee may be wiser than I am. Insomnia is not fun and when someone recommends chamomile tea or a ‘change of lifestyle’ I want to hurt them…


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