The ever popular Paleo Diet is based on millions of years of evolution and is the way we should be eating, removing grains, legumes and dairy from our diet – and eating lots of whole, real foods instead.

The Paleo Diet has many different names; perhaps you've heard of the Paleolithic Diet, the Primal Diet, the Stone Age diet or even the Caveman diet – but the all equate to one thing – eating whole, real foods. Ditching grains, legumes and dairy – and all processed foods is the easiest and best thing anyone can do for their health.

Once you’ve read up as much as you can about Paleo and understand why it makes so much sense, the best thing is to trial it. Follow a strict Paleo diet for 30 days and compare how you look, feel and perform at the start and end of the 30-days. Most people report huge health benefits, increased energy levels, better body composition and mood levels after just a few weeks on a Paleo diet. Even just removing grains, sugar and vegetable oil has remarkable differences for many people.

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