The Paleo movement is growing in New South Wales! In fact, NSW is probably the most popular place in Australia to follow a Paleo diet, based on the number of followers.

If you're looking for New South Wales based Paleo Doctors, Paleo Nutritionists, Paleo Naturopaths, Paleo Dentists, Paleo Personal Trainers, Oriental Medicine Practitioners, Shiatsu Practitioners, GAPS Practitioners, Paleo Osteopaths, Paleo Chiropractors, Paleo Dietitians – or any other health care provider with a Paleo slant, have a look for them on my Paleo Professionals page.

If you'd like to meet locals in New South Wales who also follow a Paleo lifestyle, check out PaleoConnect. There is also a New South Wales Paleo meet-up group that regularly meets for dinners and other activities.

To see which Paleo events, conferences, lectures and talks are happening in NSW, have a look at my What's On page.

If you know of any great Paleo events, professionals, or suppliers in New South Wales, please contact me so I can include it here.

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Whether you're in Sydney, Newcastle or remote country NSW – it's a great place to follow a Paleo lifestyle and Diet.