Whole30 Support Group

A subset of this group participated in a Whole30 during the month of October but I understand that there are many new members of this larger group that have questions and expressed interest in what a Whole30 is all about. This protocol is a bit different than the Keto challenge or the AIP in that you don't necessarily need to track your macronutrient profiles or be extremely mindful about low carb. You just eat real, WHOLE food for 30 days. It is a fantastic way to jump into squeaky clean Paleo if you are new to our world OR as a reset if you have slipped off the rails recently. 😉 You can message me or read www.whole9life.com and It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig to get started!

I think having a weekly support group where we can help keep each other accountable is imperative to our success.  Let's get together and share recipes, strategies, tips, and stories.  Plus, we will squeeze in the primal lifestyle benefits of sun, play, and camaraderie! 

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