Weston Price 2011 Mythbusters Conference


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12th Annual Wise Traditions Conference

Fri Nov 11- Sun Nov 13 lectures from 9am-5pm with 90 min lunch break + bonus morning movement sessions and evening sessions!

Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Dallas, TX


Featured Speakers:

Russ Bianchi, PhD, expert on high fructose corn syrup Jerry Brunetti, soil and animal health specialist Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome Jules Klapper, expert on dirty electricity Monica Corrado, holistic nutrition and food educator Thomas Cowan, MD, author of Fourfold Path to Healing Kaayla Daniel, PhD, author of The Whole Soy Story Robert Disney, environmental scientist Jacques Goulet, PhD, expert on trace minerals Kathy Kramer, CN, WAPF Office Manager Sally Fallon Morell, MA, author of Nourishing Traditions Christy Hemenway, expert on beekeeping Lolin Hilgartner, DC, of the Seven Essential Dynamics of Health Peter Hilgartner DC, of the Seven Essential Dynamics of Health Kimberly Hartke, WAPF publicist and real food blogger Brian T. Hickey, DC. Certified Professional Applied Kinesiologist

Paul Jaminet, PhD, author of The Perfect Health Diet Sharon Kane, expert on gluten-free baking Liz Lipski, MS, CCN, author of Digestive Wellness Hugh Lovel, authority on biodynamics Leslie (Bradshaw) Manookian, producer of The Greater Good

Chris Masterjohn, expert on fat-soluble vitamins Richard Maurer, MD, metabolism expert Mark McAfee, CEO, Organic Pastures Dairy Judith McGeary, Esq, founder Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Joseph Mercola, DO, author of The No-Grain Diet Denise Minger, China Study debunker Pentti Nupponen, DMD, holistic dentist Sally Pacholok, RN, co-author of Could It Be B12? Sarah Pope, of The Healthy Home Economist blog Ben Pratt, author of Nutrition's Playground Jessica Prentice, author of Full Moon Feast Tara Rayburn, the Healthy Habit Coach April Renée, vaccination expert Morton Satin, PhD, director of research, The Salt Institute Michael Schmidt, Canadian raw milk activist Pam Schoenfeld, RD, expert on vitamin B6 Stephanie Seneff, PhD, authority on sulfur and human health Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, author of Surviving Mold Jeffrey Stuart, DO, co-author of Could It Be B12? Matt Stone, author of 180 Degree Nutrition Harvey Ussery, author of The Small Scale Poultry Flock Howard Vlieger, expert on GMO dangers Alan Yegerlehner, expert on integrated farming David Wetzel, expert on cod liver oil Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND, author of Radical Medicine Will Winter, DVM, expert on pastured livestock Who Should Attend Wise Traditions?

Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, parents, students, food writers, food providers, farmers, public servants, teachers, patients, activists, agriculture professionals, people interested in nutrition, people with no interest in nutrition, people who love to cook, people who hate to cook, people who like to eat, Baby Boomers concerned about their health, grandparents concerned about their grandchildren, couples who want healthy babies, people who want answers, people who love controversy. . . and You!

Full conference registration includes conference materials, Friday sessions, Friday lunch, Friday Dinner and Evening Activities, Saturday joint sessions, Saturday lunch, Saturday evening awards banquet, Sunday sessions and Sunday lunch.


Nov 11th FRIDAY


Slowpoke Farm Texas Style Beef Chili, Welsh Mt. Cheese Shredded cheddar cheese, diced red onions

Garden Greens Salad: Shaved red cabbage, shaved carrots, and tomatoes, Southwest dressing

Windy Meadows Farm and Rose Creek Farm Pulled Cilantro Chicken Spiced with cumin and coriander

Improveat Coconut wraps, Sprouted flour wraps, 

Welsh Mt. Cheese Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Avocado, shredded lettuce,
Chopped Onion and Zukay Salsa

Tortilla Strips fried in Fiedler Family Farm lard

Oven Roasted Apples with JoshEWEa’s Garden pecans and raisins, drizzled with 
Miller’s Organic Farm maple syrup and fresh squeezed orange juice



Fall Tomato Salad: Red and yellow tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, and basil 
tossed with red wine vinaigrette

Miller’s Organic Farm Grilled Beef and Miller’s Organic Farm Pork Sausages

Miller’s Organic Farm Vinegar Marinated Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Molasses Baked Beans, Fab Ferments Garlic Sauerkraut
Potato Chips Fried In Fiedler Family Farm LARD

Cooper Creek Farms Sourdough Bread and Butter

Organic Watermelon Slices Drizzled with Balsamic Drizzle

Same as above but Grindstone Bakery gluten free bread

November 12th


Vegetable Soup in Rich Pork Broth

Vegetable Rice Soup in Rich Chicken Broth

Roasted Beet Salad: red onions, cracked black pepper, red wine vinaigrette

Display of US Wellness Meats Braunschweiger, and  liverwurst Miller’s Organic Farm Amish Mustard

Assortment of raw cheeses, Lacto-fermented condiment

Cooker Creek Farms Sourdough Bread

Traditional WAPF conference cheesecake on 
Organic Pastures Dairy Company almond-date crust

Beverage: The Barefoot Cook Soothin' Infusion Tea


Vegetable Barley Parley Soup in Rich Pork Broth

Vegetable Rice Soup in Rich Chicken Broth

Roasted Beet Salad: red onions, cracked black pepper, red wine vinaigrette

Display of US Wellness Meats Braunschweiger, and  liverwurst
Grindstone Bakery Gluten-free bread
Pure Indian Foods Ghee
Lacto-fermented condiment

Fruit salad and macaroons: made with pastured egg whites, Really Raw Honey honey, 
Wilderness Family Naturals desiccated coconut


Vital Choice Seafood Smoked sablefish with onions, capers, dill sour cream on the side

Cooper Creek Farms Fermented Vegetables

U.S. Wellness Meats Texas Style Pot Roast, Natural reduction Jus Pure Indian Foods Ghee 
Roasted Root Vegetables and winter squash, Pure Indian Foods ghee, cracked black pepper

Dessert: Red Wine Poached Baked Pears Cinnamon, JoshEWEa’s Garden walnuts, carob sauce

Grindstone Bakery Gluten-free and Copper Creek Farms regular bread

Beverage: The Barefoot Cook Soothin' Infusion Tea

November 13th


Sliced seasonal Melons, Vital Choice Seafood Lox
Assortment of cheese, charcuterie, including ham, Miller’s Organic Farm Amish Mustard

Wise Traditions Pastured Egg Casserole
Miller’s Organic Farm Ham Fried in Fiedler Family Farms lard
Rose Creek Farms Pork and Beef Breakfast Sausage

Copper Creek Farms Sourdough French toast, Miller’s Organic Farm Maple syrup
Soft Whipped Cream

Assortment of fermented condiments

Copper Creek Farms Sourdough bread

Beverage: John Moody’s Kombucha


Sliced seasonal Melons, Vital Choice Seafood Lox, Assortment of charcuterie, including ham

Egg Casserole without cheese
Miller’s Organic Farm Ham Fried in Fiedler Family Farms lard
Rose Creek Farms Pork and Beef Breakfast Sausage

Grindstone Bakery Gluten-free French toast, Miller’s Organic Farm Maple syrup
Gluten-free bread
Assortment of fermented condiments

Grated Carrot Salad with Raisins and Cranberries

Miller’s Organic Farm Lamb Stew

Roasted Autumn Vegetables with whole butter, and cracked black pepper

Fab Ferments Cranberry Apple Sauerkraut

Brussels Sprouts with bacon

Baked Granny Smith Apples with Texas Pecan Crumble

Beverage: Barefoot Chef Soothin' Infusion Tea


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