Wellness Fair

A new series on wellness education begins Saturday, January 26th with a Healthy Living Fair at Ironwood Library.

Wellness practices include nutrition, energy healing, anti-aging and immune system balance, sleeping aids, weight loss, chakra balancing, yoga, pilates, massage, hypnotherapy and more.

Please feel free to come and go as your time allows. This is not a sit-down presentation: we learn best by interacting and doing. Here you can connect with exhibitors, their expertise and their offerings for healthier living.

What this is all about~~

– Try herbal tea and find out why certain herbs work well together and why you may not be getting the results you expect with your herbal supplements.
– Sample the highest anti-oxidant berry on earth, Aronia, and discover what it can do for you.

– Pick up a few new moves and find out why Pilates works to get a long, lean, sculpted body.
– Experience the benefits of yoga, including strength, balance, flexibility, and inner peace.
– Find relaxation and wellness through the healing hands of massage.
– Did you know at-home body wraps can actually help you slim down?

– Unblock your chakras, release old energies, and escape negative karma from past lives.
– Discover the power of hypnotherapy in removing addictions, poor habits, and limiting beliefs.

– Find indulgence and comfort in your most loved space: your home.
– Learn about using safe cleaning products around your home and paraben-free products on your skin.
– Tantalize your taste buds and learn what it takes to have a healthy kitchen.

But that's not all! More specialty health/wellness practitioners and vendors will be sharing their expertise, helping you get trim, fit, and healthy for the new year. You, too, can fill in that missing link to accomplish your health goals by joining us Saturday, January 26, at 2:30.

Information on various products and services will be available, and some products can be purchased on the spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

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