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Voice & Exit is a full day event designed to explore, celebrate and implement ideas that maximize human flourishing in radical ways; from the individual level (Mind/Body/Spirit) to the societal level (Community, Innovation, etc.). At this year's event, Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Executive) and John Durant (Paleo Manifesto) will be speaking, among many other thought leaders. The event is broken down into 3 portions: Seeds, Sprouts and Blooms. 

• Seeds – Short format talks from visionary thinkers (TED style talks) 

•  Sprouts – Breakout Sessions designed to dig deeper into the ideas. 

• Blooms – A festival of human flourishing, featuring performances, acrobatics, live music and more (featuring headline act, Govinda). 

I am the organizer/co-founder of this event, and I think the Primal Living group will find a ton of valuable insight and inspiration here. Not to mention it's going to be plain fun as hell! Check out the perk I posted for a discount on tickets (code “primal” at checkout), and come say hi to us at our booth at Paleo f(x)!

Learn more and get tickets at <a>www.voiceandexit.com</a> 

EB page: 


Thanks, everyone!

Seth Blaustein

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