Traditional Foods and Lifeways of the Alaskan Inuit

Traditional Foods and Lifeways of the Alaskan Inuit :A slideshow and presentation by Willow Q. Jones

Saturday, February 15, 2014 , 4-6 pm

Different Directions @ Church for All Nations 417 West 57th Street (lower level) (Between 9th and 10th avenues) New York, NY 10019

Registration fee: $10.00

Sponsored by the Traditional Nutrition Guild 

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Join us as Willow Q. Jones takes us to isolated villages in Northwestern Alaska where she grew up, similar to those Weston A. Price visited almost 100 years ago. Through her mother's timeless images she is able to offer a rare view of the foods, medicines, and lifeways of a traditional culture at the brink of dramatic cultural and dietary changes. She also speaks with respect, sadness, and hope of the current issues facing the Inuit people of this region today, and offers us insight into the wisdom these northern people hold for our health and wellness today.

Willow Q. Jones was born and raised near the Chukchi Sea in Northwestern Alaska, where hunting and gathering, fishing, camping, and dog mushing were daily tasks. Her parents’ personal interest and study of Inuit culture and foods gave her a rare insight and belonging to a culture not her own. Employed for many years as a naturalist/guide in Alaska, and more recently in organic agriculture and farmers market management in central California, Willow now resides in upstate New York where she continues to connect to the land through hunting, gathering, or bartering for local foods. She currently is pursuing a MS in Holistic Nutrition.

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