Salad Dressing with an Attitude


Summer is a magical time for gardens, farmers markets and for experimenting with new flavors and textures. The plentiful flavors available during the summer occur at no other time during the year.

So here we have a summer special, salad dressing!

Whisking up a salad dressing from scratch is a tasty and easy way to showcase summer’s peak produce. Also, making your own dressing means you can punch up flavor with your favorite seasonings. TAMARIND BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE: Sweet and sour marriage of tastes and cultures

GINGER TURMERIC SESAME DRESSING: Healthy and fresh turmeric and ginger come together with the calcium rich sesame paste in a creamy Asian inspired dressing

THE NEW GREEN GODDESS!: The taste buds do the dance of joy with walnuts, dates and fresh herbs! In this class you will:

– Learn to make three different types of salad dressings and taste them as complete salads
– Learn about the health benefits of the ingredients
– Receive take-home gift of your own salad dressing kit

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