Reversing My MS: Defying Limitations Using Mind+Body+Spirit

Mary Cunningham will be giving an inspiring and motivating talk to be followed by a pot luck August 15th at noon. Feel free to bring your favorite paleo friendly dish to share. Read a description of the talk here:

My dream is that every single one of us knows how special, precious and valuable we each are. There is a reason that we are here on this earth.
There is a reason that our shining spirit inhabits this physical body. We're here to do amazing things, even if only — but perhaps most importantly — to love others. And when (not if) something threatens our physical body or mental state–from cancer to a concussion, situational anxiety to manic depression–I hope you know that it is not because you are not worth a cure or the care. 

“Nobody said it was easy…
No one ever said it would be so hard.” ~Coldplay 

As hard as it may seem to get our body, soul and mind working in harmony, know that they can, and that we are worth the effort. Too often recently I've seen confusion where the medical system and our own self-care is concerned. It's confusing, no doubt. But know that once we actively participate in our healing, others will too. That means that doctors can't brush you off when they know you're investing in finding out more information. Or when you feel that there are more answers that exist that the Western medical system can't provide, there are centuries worth of knowledge dedicated to not just healing the human body, but helping it thrive. Whether it's ancient wisdom or state of the art technology, the tools exist for our healing. For our LIVING. But the power does not lie in those tools. 

It lies in you. xxM

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