Raw on Mondays, Sept 28th

Busy People Can Do Raw, too!

This is the theme for the next 4 Mondays (beginning Sept 28th).

• Learn ways to incorporate more raw foods into your diet
• Reduce your consumption of packaged/processed foods
• Make your own meals, be in control of the ingredients
• Create your own power bars
• Learn ways to transition into a raw diet
• Give your kids more raw foods

Tonight we'll do 3 recipes from the book:

“Raw Foods for Busy People,” by Jordan Maerin. www.RawFoodsForBusyPeople.com

First course:

Crudites with “Instant Ranch Dressing” – page 24
I'll demonstrate using the Vitamix.

Second course:

“Cream of Tomato Soup” – page 48
I'll demonstrate using the Vitamix.

Third course:

“Nori Rolls” with “Sweet and Sour Carrot Pate” – page 58 and 59
I'll demonstrate using the Vitamix, and you'll make your own rolls.

You'll receive a handout with the recipes. I'll share nutrition info, knife skills, cooking tips/tricks, will talk about ways to alter the recipes and take'm to another level.

Instruction fee:

$30 per person • $50 for two people • $20 for teens (19 and under)

…. be sure to pay the correct amt when you pay through PayPal.

You're invited …
Spread the word …
Save the dates …
RSVP to reserve your spot at the table

(it fills up fast, 10 people max, the invite is going out to hundreds)

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