Raw on Mondays: Oct 12th, 6:30pm

Busy People Can Do Raw, too!

This is the third of four classes in a series.

Monday, the 12th… tonight's raw meal will be:

• Corn Chowder (slightly heated)
• Cottage Pie in Mashed Potatoes (similar to Shepard's Pie)
• Tibetan Goji Berry Macaroons

In this series we'll use two books:

“Raw Foods for Busy People,” by Jordan Maerin. www.RawFoodsForBusyPeople.com


“Raw in 10 Minutes,” by Bryan Au. www.RawinTen.com


some of my own recipes. www.jonisare.com (recipes to be posted soon)

Many people have asked me for quick and easy raw recipes…

* they want to incorporate more raw foods into their diet
* they need quick fixes
* they want to reduce their consumption of packaged/processed foods
* they need to avoid certain foods
* they want to be in control of the ingredients, avoid added sugars, salt
* they want to create their own power bars
* they want to give their kids more raw foods

We'll do dips, dressings, desserts, salads, soups, nori rollups, entrees and more.

Most recipes require a blender and/or food processor. Some recipes require dehydration.

You're invited, spread the word … save the dates … rsvp to reserve your spot at the table

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