Raw Food gathering, demo, lectures, Sunday, 7pm, Fremont:

Raw Food gathering, demo, lectures, Sunday, 7pm, Fremont

FUND RAISER for Elaina Love's son DOMINIC

Elaina Love is a Raw Food expert – most Raw Foodies know, have met or have heard of her, and this fund raiser is not only meant to raise funds, but also prayers, love and warmth for her son, who seems to have advanced cancer. (I'm trying to word this in a not-so-negative way.)

Info and links are in Dan's email, below.

I'm not sure – at this point – if I'll be able to go – so, please introduce yourself to my friend – Dan Popovici, he's one of the coordinators and presenters of this event.

If I do go, I hope to see you there,


Hi Joni,

I told you about the fund-raiser we are doing for Elaina Love. Do you think you could forward it to other people who might be interested in attending? Steve will also come. You can find more information below.

This Sunday's Raw Food Prep Class Fundraiser for Elaina Love's son Dominic, will be held at 40155 Blacow Road, in Fremont, CA. The Center for Spiritual Living has made their spacious community room available to us for this event.

The space is located in central Fremont, with easy highway and BART access. Please bring a friend and carpool.

The Event begins at 7pm, and will now include a talk and discussion with Steven Wm. Fowkes , who is an expert in nutrition along with the Green Foods Lesson.

Artisania Nut Butters has generously agreed to sponsor us with jars of their wonderful products for sale at a reduced price, with all proceeds going toward the cause.

For Fundraiser Details,Class Menu and Registration, Please Visit: www.projectwellbeing.com

For Elaina's Request for Support/To Donate, Visit: www.purejoyplanet.com


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