Q&A on Strength Training, and an Introducton to ARX by Keith Norris

Keith’s immersion in fitness and strength training began at the age of 15 as a member of San Antonio’s Powerhouse Gym, legendary for launching the careers of such athletes as Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish, Lori Bowen-Rice and Jeep Swenson. His interest expanded to include athletic rehabilitation while playing football for Texas State.

Keith has become a thought leader on Paleo nutrition and his blog, Ancestral Momentum ­- Theory to Practice, is consistently ranked as one of the Top Fitness Blogs and in top 20 by BreakingMuscle.

Keith will do a brief presentation on strength training, and then answer your questions! He'll also provide you with an introduction to the ARX equipment, which perfectly accommodates a user’s constantly-changing force output through the entire range of motion. ==

Please park on the streets near Efficient Exercise, the coffeeshop nearby needs parking space for its own customers 🙂

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