PrimalPlay Workshop with Darryl Edwards: before he heads back to the UK

Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer, Primal Play, Nutrition, and Wellness workshop

Hi All,

Darryl Edwards is putting on a 5-hour workshop for Austin Primal Living Group before he heads back across the pond. It includes four hours of movement and play instruction and an hour on lifestyle and nutrition. Cost: Adults $100, 16 to 18 years old $50. Under 16 free. Payment can be made via PayPal to <a>[masked]</a> or via checks at event. If rained out, a refund will be issued.

Location: Bull Creek, starting at 10 AM. 6701 Lakewood Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Details: Regardless of your relationship with activity; whether you have a love affair with fitness and relish a new challenge or hate exercise but want to get passionate about movement again – you will gain practical movement skills that will assist you in performing every day, recreational and extraordinary physical tasks more effectively but most important have FUN whilst doing it.

What to expect? The ‘Playshop’ will: Give you a basic understanding of Paleo fitness with Primal Play and its unique approach to improving your fitness, health, strength and well-being.

Is it for you? The PRIMAL Playshop is open to all, regardless of fitness level, age, gender or ability. Activities will be scaled and training adapted to suit the individuals taking part.

Discussion Topics Include:

·  What is Fitness?

·  Functional vs Practical Training

·  The Key to Real Strength

Practical Participation Includes:

•  Animal Moves (Movement Drills & Variations)

•  Inner Strength (How to be Strong and Useful)

•  Visualisation (Imaginative and Cooperative Play)

•  No Equipment Required (Bodyweight & Partner-Based)

I had the pleasure of meeting Darryl at PrimalCon a few years ago. He is a master at making one of the best workouts you’ve had in a long time by far the most enjoyable one you’ve done in a long time. Without noticing it, because you will be having so much fun, you will have a complete workout. What you learn you will be able to use over and over with family, friends, anywhere at any time. Darryl has an incredible tool-kit of ways to make play and movement a part of your life that will not just increase your strength and flexibility but your wellness and joy. He’s especially adept at creating ways that people of very different strengths and ages can engage each other and both have a great workout and great time.

Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

Published author of “Paleo Fitness” : a certified personal trainer, coach and nutritionist.Founder of the PRIMAL PLAY METHOD making activity fun, effective and engaging while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in the process. He specialises in working with children from 4 to 94, fitness for those who hate to exercise – as well as those that relish a new challenge.

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