Primal Playout – Darryl Edwards, The Fitness Explorer

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Amit and I know Darryl personally from Paleo f(x) conferences – he is hilarious and makes fitness fun and funny! The early bird tickets are available until Tuesday and he'd like to extend an additional discount of 10% for Boston Paleo Meetup when using the code – LivingPaleo 

Darryl – The Fitness Explorer from London, England hosting an introductory playout session on Paleo fitness and play called Primal Play.

Darryl is an expert in Paleo Fitness and is regularly featured in the UK press, including Health & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Women’s Fitness. In addition, he regularly hosts seminars and presents at Paleo f(x), AHS and PrimalCon here in the US.

Regardless of your relationship with activity; whether you have a love affair with fitness and relish a new challenge or hate exercise but want to get passionate about movement again – you will gain practical movement skills that will assist you in performing every day, recreational and extraordinary physical tasks more effectively but most important have FUN whilst doing it. 

The ‘Playshop’ will: 

Give you a basic understanding of Paleo fitness with Primal Play and its unique approach to improving your fitness, health, strength and well-being.

Is it for you? 

The session is open to all, regardless of fitness level, age, gender or ability. Activities will be scaled and training adapted to suit the individuals taking part.  Please bring along plenty of water, sunscreen and insect repellent.  

Practical Participation Includes: 

• Animal Moves (Movement Drills & Variations)

• Inner Strength (How to be Strong and Useful)

• Visualisation (Imaginative and Cooperative Play)

• No Equipment Required (Bodyweight & Partner-Based)

• Primal Play Games…

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