Paleo Trivia Night pre-planning discussion

Karen House, a shelter for homeless families in North St. Louis serves regular meals for their residents and surrounding neighbors. At present, they get food donated and much of it is total junk (mac and cheese, canned beans, etc.)

My vision is to buy them a large meat freezer and a grassfed cow that will provide some much needed nutrition. I believe this is an entirely reasonable goal for us to accomplish.

It looks like this would cost between $900-$1200.

I'd like to raise this money by holding a PLSTL Trivia Night at a large CrossFit gym in the area.

We would collect money for each table ($200/table, 10 people/table) as well as through a silent auction featuring health and paleo themed items donated from local and national vendors.

If we sell 10 tables and hold a silent auction, we can raise $3000. Whatever money is left will be used to buy more meat when they run out.

I'm looking to assemble a planning committee to help me see this thing through.

Ideally I'd like to assign roles to people whose experience/skills give them a leg up on the task.

Off the top of my head I'd like to assign the following roles:

Venue: securing a venue and tables/chairs/table cloths, etc.

Silent Auction: contacting vendors, organizing the auction, collecting payments, etc.

Trivia: organizing whatever needs to happen (mic and PA, display screen, questions, etc.)

Marketing: sharing this event with businesses/organizations that are sympathetic to our cause (both paleo and giving in this way)

Website: creating a simple blog where people can read about the event and register and pay. This would serve as a high tech flyer.

Accounting: a person to deal with the flow, in and out, of money associated with this event.

We all know that paleo saves lives and I hope that together, we can bring it to people who need it.

Even if you don't see a role above that fits you, but you'd still like to help get this done, please come to the event! I'm sure we can use you!

I'd like to hold the Trivia Night on or around April 6, 2013.

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