Paleo Party!

Come meet other cavepeople and have some great paleo food and drink at the Sanocki brothers' apartment on Union Square. This is a potluck, so cook up your best paleo recipe. If you don't have paleo skillz in the kitchen, maybe just bring some red wine….

We'll be drinking Paleo Punch, challenging each other to various feats of strength (I have a very heavy coffee table), and causing overall caveman chaos. There is plenty of room for everyone — bring your friends or make some new ones!

The tentative menu thus far – YUM!!!:

Melissa: Piggery grilled sausages
Don: Blueberry and raspberry wines, possibly ginger lamb
Zev: Coconut oil-infused sauteed broccoli
Susan: 2 roast chickens
Liz: Possibly London broil & walnut app
Andrew: Chili
Kel: Steak tartare, ceviche & maybe some raw yogurt
Matt: Wine / Asparagus
Jen: Wine and / or Veggies, Snack Mix
Vivian: Wine
Cristina: Duck w/ either an orange sauce or a cherry sauce
Rolando: Nut Milk
Sasha: Coconut berry-based dessert
Larion: Something raw
Mihai: Wine
Jyll: Raw Pumpkin Pie
Xena: Coconut and/or coconut kefir, organic red wine…
Vlad: Hopefully a raw meat dish
Meeses (tentative): Jerky
Tamara (tentative): Veggies

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