Paleo Kitchen Skillshare!

Get excited for our first Paleo Kitchen Skillshare! At this workshop several experts in paleo cooking will share skills that can help you make nourishing and delicious paleo meals.

If you have a skill to share, volunteer to be a workshop leader!

So far the workshops are:
Real World Paleo Cooking Prep at the begining + between other workshops finishing dishes. With Sarah Davies.
Learn how to prepare simple, gluten/grain-free and added chemical-free dishes that yield two meals per day for the whole week! We will prepare mandarin chicken with potato (or roots) and zucchini, cucumber salad, split pea soup, and a simple candy. This demonstration will be hands on and use real quantities (for those of us who are challenged in choosing proper portions).
Using Your Bones: Nourishing bone stocks and marrow 30 minutes by Melissa from Hunt.Gather.Love
Don't throw away your bones! Learn how to use bone stock and marrow, plus vegetables tops to create a delicious soup.
Rare Minerals: Iodine, calcium, and potassium 10 minutes
Many new paleo dieters have trouble getting these important minerals in their diets. Discuss their benefits and then learn and simple and easy ways to get them like nori wraps and dashi.
John's Favorite Vegetable Dishes

This isn't a full meal, but you will get to sample every dish we make. There will be plenty of time to meet and greet, bring a bottle of wine if you like.

The cost of the workshop covers meetup expenses and materials

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