Paleo Girl Talk!

Primal Blueprint Publishing recently released Paleo Girl by Leslie Klenke – a simple yet practical guide targeted for preteen and teenage girls. What a great way to introduce the Paleo lifestyle to the next generation! I would like for us to gather for a “how to manage our growing girls” strategy session. 🙂 This will serve not only as a book club selection but also a support group of sorts for those of us with young ladies in our lives – daughters, nieces, cousins, students, or any other growing girl you may have a connection to. Let's get this next generation prepared and empowered about the struggles they face and help them avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure, eating disorders, and bullying. Think about it – what if you knew then what you know now about nutrition, exercise, sunlight, and sleep? Here's an opportunity to enlighten the youngsters on how to age gracefully and thrive rather than just survive. 🙂

Feel free to bring a nourishing snack or beverage to share. The young ladies in your life are also more than welcome to attend. I encourage ideas and suggestions that would help make this Meetup successful. 🙂

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