Paleo BBQ!

Oh yeah, let's BBQ and enjoy a little football! Satya has generously volunteered to host a cookout and poolside happy hour! Let's all chip in to make this a hit by bringing some meat, fish, or veggies to grill or a freshly prepared side dish. Contributions toward cocktails will certainly be welcomed too. 😉 Suggestions to barbecue:
*grass-fed beef burgers
*Applegate grass-fed beef dogs
*chicken legs or wings
*pork or beef ribs
*salmon, halibut, or other wild caught fish
*veggie kebabs
*Portobello mushrooms

Suggestions for side dishes:
*vinegar or coconut milk based coleslaw
*summer squash “pasta” salad
*sweet potatoes
*fresh fruit or berries
*green salad
*cut veggies with salsa or guac

Beverages and desserts will absolutely be appreciated as well! Some of us can tolerate a little alcohol like wine or hard cider but maybe others would prefer a “mocktail” of sparkling water infused with citrus fruits and herbs. Feel free to make your own suggestions. I would love to hear what you think would make a Paleo pool party a blast!

Please advise that Satya's pool is not fenced so if you bring cavekids, keep a close eye on them. Swimming is optional but enjoying yourself is required! 😉

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