Paleo 114: Myofascial Release with Carrie Williamson + Paleo Potluck

Carrie will be discussing and demonstrating JFB myofascial release. Myofascial release(MFR) is a technique that addresses the fascial system.

Learn about:
-the most overlooked system in our body: the connective tissue does much more than just separate our organs
-how most techniques addressing the fascial system aren’t done correctly, limiting effectiveness
-how animals and hunter/gathers naturally address their fascial systems
-how addressing the fascial system can help with other body systems, as well as address emotions

After the presentation, we'll also have time for questions.

The presentation will start promptly at 1:30, followed by questions. At around 2:30 we'll head into the kitchen for eating and socializing! Please feel free to bring your favorite paleo dish for the potlock event!

If you're new to the group, we'd love to see you join us at the event! Just stop by and say “hello!”


Carrie is a physical therapist who received her DPT five years ago. She has works most with children with special needs, and is now branching out to the general public. She is certified in NeuroDevelopmental Technique (NDT), a whole body approach geared towards people with neurological conditions. Though the approach can be applied to anyone. She also focuses heavily on sensory processing. In July 2013, Carrie took her first JFB MFR courses and noticed a huge transformation in how quickly patients started to recover. She also starting to see healing she didn’t think was possible. She now wants to educate others on this amazing technique.

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