Momofuku Bo Ssäm Meat Feast

Do you want to feast on a huge delicious pork butt slow cooked until the meat is falling off the bone? How about wrapping it in crispy lettuce leaves with tangy homemade Asian sauces. Just to sweeten the deal, why not have some succulent oysters?

The brainchild of heralded chef David Chang, the Momofuku Bo Ssäm Feast is all that for about 20 bucks a head (not including tip, taxes, or drink) for ten people. Please don't RSVP yes unless you know you can make it. If we don't get ten people here, I have plenty of unfortunately non-paleo, but still meat loving friends who can fill in.

At the meetup we can feast to celebrate the new article in the New York Times, but also discuss the paleo diet, future meetups, and meet new people!

Read more and look at delicious food porn pics here

If you want to come but not be part of the communal pork and oysters, then let me know. There are no reservations for Ssämbar besides if you are taking part in the pork butt, but you can come and hopefully get in on our table. I can confirm that the rest of the menu is delicious too! My favorite are the Sichaun Beef Tendons!

Please don't plus one unless you contact me first.

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