Modern Masters of Misery with Alex Baia, and Paleo Potluck

Join us on August 2nd for a presentation from Alex Baia, followed by socializing and a paleo potluck.

Alex says: “This 20 minute presentation is the same one that I'm giving at the Ancestral Health Symposium on August 8th. Post-industrial society has made human beings masters of unhappiness. We have too much stress, too much boring work, too little play, and too little real nourishment, both physical and mental. What a mess! Drawing upon the contemporary science of happiness, philosophical work on well-being, and ideas from the ancestral health movement, I argue that we can get out of the mess by enjoining sound empirical psychology alongside ancestral wisdom.”

Please bring your favorite paleo dish for the potlock event. The gas grill will also be available, if you'd like to cook something up.

If you're new to the group, we'd love to see you join us at the event! Just stop by and say “hello!”

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