Lets Meetup and run a Spartan race

What better way to set fitness goals and get motivated, than by running a Spartan race? And not just any race-but the BEAST! There are 17 weeks until this happens, so we have plenty of time to train and make sure our skill and fitness levels are adequate.
I have run a few of these races with all sorts of people from mums and dads and newbies, to PT's and fitness enthusiasts-and we always have a cracking good time.
I never train in a gym for these races, but prefer outdoor running and bodyweight exercises to prepare. Plus I know lots of great spots around Sydney to train technique for climbing over walls and traversing ropes, which the majority of harder obstacles in a Spartan race are based on.
Even if you've never done one before, a Spartan race is recommended for everyone; old, young, in shape, the not so in shape-the camaraderie built in the build up and during a Spartan is an awesome experience.

If we get enough early interest I will register a group  for cheaper entry.
So… who's in?

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