Latin American Potluck!

Honoring our members' ethnicities with themed potlucks benefits us all! This time, we travel south of the border for some Latin American flair! This event also happens to coincide with Vanessa's birthday, our favorite Costa Rican! I bet she will have lots of good ideas and suggestions for some dishes. 😉 Feel free to browse through Chowstalker or another online Paleo recipe portal.

Because this is a PALEO potluck and many of our members eat this way because their health depends on it, I kindly ask you to ensure your contribution is free of ALL grains, dairy, soy, corn, and legumes. Please be sure to jot down all the ingredients in your dish for those of us with other food sensitivities and dietary preferences. Plus, we want to know what makes your dish delish!

I want to ensure that there is a nice variety of items for everyone to choose from and that portions are plentiful. Please bring enough food to feed at least 10 people. When you RSVP, let us know what you plan to bring. We need to have a fair distribution of protein, fat, and carbohydrate sources. We are extremely meat, veggie, fruit, and dark chocolate friendly! 🙂 It's OK if your dish contains eggs, nuts, and/or seeds as well but some of our AIP friends need to be careful around those ingredients so labeling is crucial for them. Thank you!

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