Lamb Meatshare and Tour

Come with us to beautiful Cold Spring, NY to Glynwood Farm to pick up a lamb that was processed just for us. At this sustainable historic farm, you will learn about what makes grass-fed and finished animals special in nourishing human health, the environment, and small family farmers.

During the tour you will get tips from the farmer about how to cook lamb and you will have your choice of lamb cuts for $5 a pound which is a great deal! Lamb like this sells for $13 a pound at Union Square Greenmarket. This is a great way to get your paleo diet running! I am a member of several meat shares and it has made my paleo diet so much easier to have a stock of healthy food in my freezer. It's also a great way to improve your cooking repertoire and learn about different cuts of meat! John Durant, Melissa McEwen, and Vlad Averbukh will provide tips for eating and living paleo! If you want we can plan a special dinner and cooking workshop with our lamb.

A Japanese film crew will accompany us to film a segment about New York trends!

How we will get there: You can take a Metro North train and then a taxi, but make sure to indicate you want to do this on the form so we can arrange a taxi in advance. If you are driving let us know if you would do a rideshare. The farm is about an hour north of NYC.

You must put down a deposit of $20 for the meat as a commitment…so you will get a minimum of four lbs of lamb and you can sign up for more if you want it.
If you want to bring a guest, please email me first mgmcewen @ so I can adjust the numbers
If you are interested in the lamb, but can't come, RSVP anyway and then email me with how many lbs you want, what cuts are your favorite, and when you can get your lamb. mgmcewen @

Questions? Email mgmcewen @
Melissa's cell is[masked] and John's is[masked]

Directions and info for tomorrow
Hey everyone! I hope you are excited about going to the farm tomorrow, if you are going. We are going to be at the farm at about 10:20. Sorry about the time change, but the train schedule worked out that way. For those of us taking the train, meet at Grand Central main clock (it's the big huge clock) at 8:10 sharp…the Hudson line only runs so often on weekends and we don't want to miss it.

If you can provide a ride for us from the train station to the farm, please let us know! The farm is about 11 mins by car from the station.

For those driving, check out Glynwood's driving directions

Please bring cash to pay for the lamb if you want more than 4 lbs or haven't made a deposit. The farmer says he also has pastured pork and chicken for sale. Bring a cooler if you have one…the meat will be frozen when we pick it up.

See you there!
My cell is[masked]
John's cell is[masked]

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