Joel Salatin at the Take Back Your Health Conference

You can find out more and reserve your tickets here:

At the conference, we'll hosting a raffle fundraiser for the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund! 

Joel Salatin will be there to inspire us and give us updates on the food freedom fight. 

Andrea Beaman will be teaching on Thyroid and Adrenal health – how to nourish your endocrine system so you can thrive into your later years!

Robin Shirley will be teaching the Take Back Your Health Protocol and what to do when your doctor doesn't know what to do. She grounds her presentation in her 16 years of experience of living with Chronic Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis and what she does to overcome the challenging symptoms and live a full life.

Robin will also teach a food demo with nutritious recipes that balance your immune system and reduce inflammation – focusing on nutrition for Autoimmune and Lyme Disease.

Cindy Santa Ana will be talking about how to identify toxins in our everyday skin and home care products that are causing us to be fat and sick – and how to replace them with healthier products and homemade products.

Dr. Autumn Frandsen from the National Integrated Health Associates will talk on naturopathic medicine to treat and prevent cancer.

You can find out more and reserve your tickets here:

We're happy to announce our media partner and sponsor, Relay Foods!

Also, thank you to our sponsor, National Integrated Health Associates for their continued support. 

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