Important – Tomorrow – Paleo Fitness Meetup

Hi all,

Welcome to all the new members — we cracked 200!

Late notice, but we're going to have a fitness event tomorrow for anyone so inclined. Plus some media and reporters present. Here are the details:

– Erwan Le Corre is back in town, and we're doing a barefoot/VFF run across the Brooklyn Bridge. Awesome opportunity to get running tips from a real barefoot pro.

– A TV crew from NHK, Japanese public TV, will be there filming. They are doing a segment on innovative New Yorkers, and this is part of it. You are innovative. Plus a reporter from the main Swedish newspaper. Plus a reporter from CBC radio. Great publicity! Come be a part of it (if you are camera shy, you clearly don't have to be in any shots you don't want to).

– We are going to do some running, and then stop in the park over in Brooklyn for a special MovNat session led by Erwan. So if you're interested in a great lesson in some natural movement, tomorrow is the day. (And it's free…usually these things cost $$$.) All fitness levels welcome.

– The schedule is going to be a bit up in the air, depending on the reporters, and we may have to stop and start and pause, or whatever, but it's going to be fun.

– The plan is to meet at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (on it) at 9AM sharp. My cell phone is[masked] should you need to get in touch or find us.

– It's going to be chilly and maybe snowing a bit, so bring something warm, particularly if you're not used to the cold.

Look forward to seeing you out there,


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