HotPot Dinner and New Member Welcome…Cooking Tips Night!

*Tonight's theme: Kitchen Tips!*

Learning to navigate the kitchen can be daunting for some, especially the newly initiated into the paleo lifestyle. I (Laura) know that as I learn new ways to prepare food (instead of opening up a package and microwaving as cooking used to be in my SAD days), it is exciting and empowering. I want to shout out to the world, “Quit buying jarred salad dressing! You can make it yourself so easily!

I invite anyone with cool kitchen tricks to share them this Thursday. Whether you wish to share a recipe, a specific cooking technique, or any other trick that either saves time/money or makes food more delicious, please come and share that with us! Feel free to bring items to demonstrate, to bring a handout to aid in a description, or to just orally describe the tip. I myself shall demonstrate my trick for quickly and easily preparing cauliflower rice and I will share my own recipe for Spanish “rice”.

Homo sapiens is a social animal and socializing is a super important part of the primal lifestyle (perhaps more important than the diet and exercise components). Plus, keeping primal can be tough, so keeping a good social support network is a key to success.

This is also a great chance for new or inactive members to come out to meet some of the regulars, learn from them, and make new friends. If you have been curious about this group but haven't pulled the trigger on coming to a meetup, we really encourage you to come out!!!

We'll be meeting at the HotPot Smoothie Shop, a great primal-friendly spot in Kirkwood. From their website:  “Hotpot Smoothie Shop combines the health and excitement of Asian influenced cuisine with a casual corner coffee shop.  Focusing on natural and responsibly sourced ingredients Hotpot Smoothie shop will offer breakfast and luncheon foods prepared to order.  From delicious rice and noodle dishes to gluten free crepes and freshly made sandwiches; the emphasis is on supplying a unique, alternative to everyday dining.  In addition, a full line of artisan organic tea and coffee drinks, and a health conscious smoothie bar will add further value to the establishment.”

In response to the Paleo/Primal crowd, they have added roasted sweet potatoes as a choice to their Hot Pot bowls (instead of noodles or rice) and on Thursday nights Chef Greg usually prepares a  Paleo special!

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