Have a Picnic. Win a Cow. The 2010 Grokfeast Challenge.

Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple has challenged us to have a picnic. If we have an awesome one we could win a cow from US Wellness Meats! You can read more here.

So how exactly do we win a cow? Simply come to this picnic with something delicious! Bonus for minimalist footwear or other primal fashions. There will be primal games! Perhaps capture the flag!


You must make a dish (either an appetizer or entree) from scratch this one and provide a print out of the recipe when you arrive. This is part of the contest rules.
To attend, please do fill out the questions!
Map: We will have our picnic in the meadow here.
Rain location: Will be provided in email the night before, please check your email!
You must answer the bananas question with “apples”

Just making some plans for Saturday and I thought I'd keep y'all updated. First of all I have some awesome/deranged games planned based on Movnat (movnat.com) and Exuberant Animal (http://www.exuberanta…. So if you want to participate don't wear high heels and a ballgown or something.

Second, while I have a camera, I'd love for everyone else who has one to bring theirs too. Bonus points for video! We want to have lots of stuff to send Mark Sisson for the contest.

If you are on the waiting list, you are welcome to come “unofficially”, but only the 20 people registered as “yes” are eligible to win the cow.

The menu so far:
chicken curry clafouti
Kebabs, something with eggs, or something totally different
Blackberry/duck confit/toasted hazelnut/arugula salad
Stuffed bell pepper primal tacos
Primal tortilla espanola and catalan guacamole
Roast turkey + apple salad
Fruit salad w/ nuts and coconut flakes
A primal salad
meatloaf cupcakes with frosting of mashed … sunchokes?
passion fruit custard – OR passion fruit coconut cream agar jelly. OR mushroom scallion caramelized onion frittata OR turkey cilantro meatballs

OMG Delicious

Please update your RSVP if you know what you are making!

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