Grocery Store Field Trip (free)

For newcomers to paleo or veterans wishing to get food-sourcing tips from a seasoned paleo eater, this tour is a helpful resource that will help you shop better for the rest of your life.

For many, it is the catalyst for making paleo happen in their day to day lives.

The group max is 6. If RSVPs exceed 6, I will choose 6 names at random to join us on Saturday.

We will visit 3 stores, all centrally located in Brentwood. We'll visit an everyday supermarket (Schnucks), and two paleo-friendly specialty stores (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods). The tour includes a 12 page reference guide and a follow up email summarizing any questions that come up on the tour.

Past participants have reported a renewed sense of empowerment at the concrete, actionable information presented at this service.

Don't hesitate to message me with questions! You can read more at


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