Grange Hall Dinner Co-hosted w/ Chicago Gluten-Free

UPDATE 2/23/2016 [by CGF Co-Host]: The staff has asked if we can start coming in a little earlier since there will be a Black Hawks game on this date, and the extra tables needed to cover all 20+ of us aren't guaranteed if we don't come in on time. Not to say everyone MUST come in at 5pm, we still want to formally start this at 6pm — but if you're able to and want to help us secure the extra tables, please get here around 5:00pm or 5:30pm, and we can chat for a bit until more folks arrive.

And of course, if you cannot make it to this event, please don't be a no-show — clear out the RSVP, or let us know so we can handle that for you. This helps us monitor attendance and it will help give the restaurant a true attendee count. 

Lastly, there will only be a single bill for the group, but since I still plan to itemize our bill, I will encourage all of you to help me keep tabs of what everyone orders so the payment portion can be fast, painless and fun.  Since Saundra and I will be using our cards to pay the final bill, I will greatly appreciate if you use cash or at least Paypal to provide us with your portion of the totals… anyone who uses these wonderful hassle-free methods will get a FREE BUTTON!  I can actually also accept credit cards, but that's experimental and would just slow us down, so please use it only as a last resort.  

Thank you! 😉


Chicago Gluten-Free and Paleo Chicago meetup groups co-hosting a dinner Meetup at Grange Hall Burger Bar!

“February will be a short month this year, but that's not to say that it has to be short on flavor! Rated as one of the highest Celiac-friendly restaurants in the Fulton Market district [by Find Me Gluten Free], Grange Hall offers a wide variety of food and drink options despite its small size and farmhouse decor. While it still caters heavily towards conventional burger enthusiasts and beer drinkers, it also goes out of its way to offer gluten-free options for the majority of its menu items. The grass-finished burgers, for instance, can use gluten-free buns or a large bed of lettuce, and there are always gluten-free dessert options on stand-by. It helps that the owner's family also eats entirely gluten-free and tries to carry that commitment to this restaurant she owns and helps supply with high-quality ingredients from her farm…

That being said, the staff should be very knowledgeable on how to care for us, including those with wheat allergies or celiac disease — or they certainly will now that they know we're coming! The manager, Lisa, is very excited to host our Meetup group and is looking forward to making our experience with them enjoyable! The menu can also cater to Vegetarian, Vegan, Low-Carb, Paleo and other dietary lifestyles and choices, although always ask if you're not sure.

Here is a link to their dinner menu:

While there isn't explicitly a gluten-free menu, the staff will help us with our food and drink selections.

The reservation is currently set for 10 people, but I can reserve more if there is enough demand — I simply need to know at least two days prior so I can call with the reservation update. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all here!


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