Free MeetUp event: Intuitive Cooking, let’s cook dinner together.


Friday, Oct 9th

Let's cook dinner together… this Friday, 7pm

Bring one (or two) food item(s) from your fridge and/or pantry. Or, buy/bring a food item that you've been curious about, wanted to try, yet didn't know what to do with it.

We'll make a meal with whatever food shows up.

I've been instructing classes calling this “Intuitive Cooking.” People love it b/c they can cook without relying on recipes.

So, come on over, this Friday, 7pm, here at my home in Lafayette.

I'll provide water and tea

or… bring your own drink

Alcohol is fine, yet keep in mind that
this is a healthful bunch, we indulge
in healthy activity, not anti-healthy.

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