Farm Tour at Heritage Hollow Farms

Our absolute favorite farm is once again opening up their pastures for us to tour their gorgeous facilities! Join Mike & Molly of Heritage Hollow Farms (previously Mount Vernon) as they graciously let us collect eggs, give fruit to pigs and sit among their docile cows in between skipping rocks in the creek and buying the best humanely raised pastured meat in the area! You never know what you'll experience when visiting the farm, but it's always

wonderful! We've planned this event to be in the prime season when their stock freezers will be full – and if you haven't yet, it's the perfect opportunity to come scope out their new farm store. Since you don't have to pay a delivery fee when shopping in their store yourself, it's like getting discounted meat so plan to bulk up!

M&M are wonderful with children and immensely knowledgeable. They'll answer any questions you have about their farming practices with honesty and integrity – I've truly never met people more passionate about what they do. And it shows – since their meat is the best we've ever tasted! Mike used to be a high-end chef and left making the food since he wanted to provide the best ingredients possible to those same restaurants in order for them to be able to make the best tasting food. I say, he's accomplished his mission in spades!

We're even working on a plan to feed everyone after, Mike knows someone who does BBQ catering with his meat!

We'll meet at the farm store at 10:30 and caravan to locations led by Mike – try not to be late (I'm looking at myself here) because catching up on all those open acres can be difficult.

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