Eat Some Yolks!

Let's revive the Paleo Book Club by reading Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe. I hope you all snagged a Kindle copy when it was 99 cents! Liz partners with Diane Sanfillipo for the Balanced Bits podcast, which is one of the most informative and entertaining Paleo podcasts out there. In this publication, she busts many nutritional myths and backs up her nutritional advice with sound science. She's also charming and witty, so I can only imagine that the book will include some pleasantries as well. 🙂

We can gather at my house unless there are suggestions to meet elsewhere. Snacks and beverages are definitely encouraged! Please have the book read by the date of the Meetup and prepare a few highlights or bullet points that you feel are worthy of discussion.

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