Don’t Fear the Fat!!


Empowered Living Workshop – Don't fear the fat!

Tuesday 2 September,[masked]pm (please arrive by 6.50pm)
Paleo Cafe Paddington

These fun, interactive and informal workshops are a great opportunity to spend an inspiring evening with some awesome people. Your ticket includes delicious healthy snacks, special guest speakers and some discount vouchers to take home with you.

This workshop will expand on the topic of our August inspiring film – Cereal Killers. If you're feeling inspired to incorporate more fat in your diet – this is the workshop that will show you how to do it effectively, efficiently and on a budget!

For decades now we've been taught that fat is the enemy – fat makes you fat, fat causes heart disease, fat creates high cholesterol and so on. We were told low-fat was the answer, bread and grains were good and the food pyramid was offered as a guide. And yet our society became fatter, sicker and more depressed than ever!

People are now waking up to what has been called the biggest health scam of the 21st century and realising that we need good fats in our diet – and lots of them! This discovery is transforming the health and lives of many and can benefit you too!

We are very lucky to have two inspiring guest speakers joining us for the workshop – Leah Williamson from Brisbane Paleo Group and Health Coach Emmely Rackemann. Leah lost 30kgs and regained her health after adopting the paleo lifestyle and adding more fat into her diet. She created the Brisbane Paleo Group to share her passion for this lifestyle with others and is committed to showing how easy and affordable it can be.

Emmely transitioned to a paleo lifestyle three years ago – a lifestyle that has brought about a number of surprising health benefits for herself and her family. This journey led her to become a health and nutrition coach and she now gets to share her passion and knowledge for the holistic health field and the paleo lifestyle with people on a daily basis. She particularly loves showing people how to make the paleo lifestyle work best for them.

In this fun and interactive workshop, you'll learn: why we need fat
good sources of fat
how much fat you need
how to get more fat in your diet
where to get good quality organic produce (at the best prices)
some delicious recipes including a green smoothie with good fats, a thai inspired chicken soup made from broth, a fat bomb (yes that's right!) and more
how to cook great meals from scratch on a budget, quickly!
You'll get to taste everything we create on the night and take some recipes and information home with you! Healthy paleo snacks will be provided. These fantastic workshops are limited to a maximum of 45 participants so book your seat now to ensure you don't miss out! “Let fat be thy medicine!” – Cereal Killers

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