Cooking Demo with Serenity — Paleo “breading” for vegetables!

Note: There is a $10 fee for this event, please bring the $10 with you when you attend 🙂

Serenity is a passionate foodie, a long-time gourmet, and the founder of Joy of Paleo, where she coaches people through the transition to a Paleo diet. With a French background, she makes the most of simple techniques to create delicious cuisine without the hassle.

She’ll show us a Paleo “breading” method that uses arrowroot, eggs and almond flour. We’ll use it on baked veggie fries- eggplant for sure, and whatever else is in season.

We’ll also learn to make homemade mayonnaise and see how it can be used in many different sauces. To round out the menu, there will be hamburgers for the grill. We’ll need some helping hands, so get ready for some practice!

You can find Serenity's website at:

Please note that there is limited number of spaces for this event, so please do not keep your RSVP active unless you're sure that you can attend!

Also, please note that there is a $10 fee for this event, please bring the $10 with you when you attend 🙂 This will pay for Serenity's food costs.

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