Breakneck Ridge Hike!

The weather is expected to be beautiful on Sunday, so it will be a perfect day for a nice fall hike!
Come join us for a hike up the Ridge, then a circle around Mount Taurus with a return loop to the little upstate river town of Cold Spring. There are hourly trains back to the city from Coldspring, and we will return on a 3:30 train to arrive back at Grand Central by around 4:45, or perhaps the train before that.

Be aware of any weekend subway changes, and make sure you arrive on time to Grand Central, so you have enough time to buy your ticket and board the train that leaves at 8:43

Breakneck Ridge Trail is part of Hudson Highlands State Park near Cold Spring, New York. The trail is considered the steepest hike in the area with several scrambles and rocky terrain. There are several stunning views of the Hudson and the rest of the river valley.


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