Batch cooking: Gluten-free, dairy-free meals, a one-day workshop

Batch Cooking Made Easy

Gluten-free and dairy-free meals
no recipes(!)

Saturday, October 17th
9 – 5pm

a one-day workshop

$130 per person
includes breakfast drink, lunch
and tea/water throughout the day

Pay through PayPal, or contact Joni for other arrangement

see outline of the class, below

(This workshop was also offered Saturday, Oct 17th)

Batch cooking is for those who want …

• minimal preparation time before meals
• minimally processed foods, reduce waste
• to serve home-cooked food to a multiple people (family)
• to cook a variety of home-made foods for one or two people
• to be successful with a healthy diet
• to learn how to make a variety of foods
• on-the-ready real meal … at home, at the office, on the road
• to learn meal-planning strategies with practical application and practical experience
• to learn how to recreate favorite ethnic foods

I'll share with you ….

• intuitive cooking techniques
• nutrition information, biochemistry of food and the body
• instruction, guidance
• knife care, skills
• cooking techniques
• cooking and kitchen tips and tricks
• discuss ways to incorporate meat into the meals

You bring ….

• an apron
• hand towel
• knife (6- or 8-inch knife is best)
• cutting board

BONUS offer ….

The food we make will be available for purchase. Contact me, order/pay in advance to ensure your portion.


Here is the class outline:

9am – 5pm

Prior to the workshop, I will:

– Create handouts
– Make a shopping list
– Shop for the food: produce, grains, canned goods, products, etc.
– Wash all produce

Our time together….

Here's the hour-by-hour outline:

9am: Arrival, introduction….
• A balancing morning drink available upon your arrival.
• Meet/greet/introductions.
• Overview of the day's schedule, the recipes.
• Overview of cooking
• Energetics of – and combining – colors, flavors, textures
• Cooking liquid (broth, juice, wine, nut milk and function of)
• Cooking methods (dry heat, wet heat, oil heat, no heat, pressure)
• First- and second-stage cooking
• Seasonings (herbs, spices, condiments, vinegars, oils)
• Flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent)

10am: Cook and discuss 5 grains, cooking liquids, cooking styles…
• Quinoa
• Millet
• Wild rice
• Buckwheat
• Steel-cut oats

11am: Discuss and chop veggies, make a mineral broth….
• knife care, knife skills
• slicing and chopping tips and tricks
• cooking with colors, shapes, textures
• mineral broth discussion

12pm: Make and eat lunch …
• Steamed veggies, pairing with one of the grains
• Kale, seaweed salad
• Pureé veggie soup

2pm: Cook the veggies, using various methods and spices
• Sauté
• Steam
• Simmer (braise)
• Ferment

4pm: Packaging and storing
• Tips / tricks
• Do's / don'ts

5pm: Homeward bound, food purchases, clean up


I'll feature a few specialty gadgets:
these are items I use to speed up production. You may have some of them already, or have something that's similar.

I'll feature a few specialty products, too:
• orange blossom water
• nutritional yeast
• seaweeds
• oils
• other


i.e. “will-work-for-discount” – workshop fee will be $80, this is $50 off. What's expected of you: Be my assistant for one day. Arrive at 8am to help out for one hour before class, help throughout the day (lunchtime, too), stay until 6pm to help out for one hour after class. Contact me and pay soon to ensure getting this position.


For those who want a private Batch Cooking session.
• You shop, wash, prep, clean up $400
• I'll provide a shopping list, gadgets

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