Appreciating The Female Power Role Using Ancestral Links, by Sara Eye

Appreciating the Female Power Role Using Ancestral Links to Our Heritage as Leaders, Healers, Teachers, Lovers and Mothers.

How is the paleo lifestyle related to social conditions such as gender, race, heritage, age, profession or sexual identity? Simple. Following a paleo diet is just one step to uncovering so much about our health and fitness potential. Women find more challenges, generally, than men when it comes to weight loss, recovery, and healing because we are exposed to all the dirty social conditioning we've collected throughout our lives and often face this invisible battle of finding our identity. Self-criticism, perfectionism, competitiveness and self-worth are conditions of the mind. Not the scale. Not the dress size. Not your job title. This is where we face stigmas and often sabotage ourselves because we continue to run on viral software programmed over a lifetime. I will discuss ways to de-program those conditioned beliefs by initiating a conversation about the ancestral female role, and how your own intuitive feelings, thoughts and desires are a reflection of those ancestral gifts. This is good for men as well, unless you are a dude who wants to continue bitching that you don't “get women”. Well here's a way to “get it”! And ladies, this is a good opportunity to learn how you can attach mind-body strength and become a follower of your intuition- not social conditioning. That doesn't mean you have to stop shaving your armpits or wearing bras, but more-so use your gifts to tune into every part of your life: work, friendship, family, motherhood, relationships, nutrition & diet, health, fitness, sport and spirituality. Some of my exercises will shock you. Bring a notepad and your favorite girly pen with pink gel ink and a feather 😉


Sara is an expert on holistic health, integrative nutrition and exercise kinesiology.

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