All Things Sushi (May 9)

LFN is happy to present Mari‘s Perfect Sushi Made Easy. Mari Takahashi is an experienced Chef who opened the first izakaya SF, the well-known Izakaya Sozai in SF. Imagine two hours with Mari and all-things-sushi: everything from its history to preparation & plating. Sign up here:

Sushi, traditionally made with vinegared rice and salt cured fish, has been around for thousands of years before it changed to the current form in Edo era. Now, Sushi is not a special Japanese food any longer as it is consumed by so many people all over the world. However, it changed the form significantly since it became popular in the west. Many people are eating it without knowing what the traditional Sushi is. Mari, who grew up in Yokohama, Japan, will teach you in and out of Sushi from how to wash rice to how to eat it.

In this two-hour hands on class, you will get to learn:

• How and why Sushi started 

• How to make the perfect Sushi rice 

• How to prepare the toppings: vegetables and fish 

• How to make rolls 

• How to slice them 

• How to plate them 

• Enjoy Sushi with a glass of beer or soft drink 

Note: Please wear closed toe shoes and a top that you don't mind rice sticking on. Also bring a container to take home leftover sushi.

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