A recap of the Life Extension Conference, with Dinner

Steve Fowkes recently attended – and spoke at – the Personalized Life Extension Conference in San Francisco and felt that it was the best conference he's been to in a decade. So, he's very excited to share the conference with you, to recap the highlights, mentioned below. Hopefully some of you who will join us at the table was at the conference, too, and will share your experiences, thoughts, inspirations.

Included in this extended discussion will be one of the take-aways from the conference: how to get the health benefits of fasting without hassle, pain, inconvenience and how to avoid negative consequences such as slowing down metabolism.

These fasting plans* include:
· total fasts: water only
· partial fasts: eating only fruit, or eating low carbs, or eating one meal a day
· daily fasts: eating only one high-carb meal per day
· weekly fasts: two high-carb meals per week, which is Steve's currently favored approach
· monthly or seasonal fasts: water or juice fasting, a more traditional approach

*Length of time for a fast can be everyday, once a week, multiple days per month or per season or per year, etc.

Also included will be discussions of genetic screening (23andMe), telomere schemes, methylation, antioxidants, testing (at-home and medical), heart rate variability, meditation and yoga, micronutrients, stem cells, and cryonics.

The talk is $40 prepaid, or $50 at the door, per person, includes dinner. See payment options, below.

The menu
a modified Paleolithic* meal

Soured Roasted Onion w/Field Greens

Roasted Cauliflower Soup w/sweetened pumpkin seeds

Main course:
Line-caught Fish served w/Citrus Herb Reduction Sauce
on a Bed of Steamed Spinach
with Braised Root Vegetables (burdock, turnips, carrots)
and Roasted Garlic ‘butter' on Zucchini Chips

Steve's no-guilt, high-fat, quick-burning, gluten-free
brownies (a ‘neolithic' addition to our meal)

*Paleo = old, lithic = stone
“Paleo is a simple dietary lifestyle that is based on foods being either in or out. In are the Paleolithic Era foods that we ate prior to agriculture and animal husbandry (meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, tree nuts, vegetables, roots, fruit, berries, mushrooms, etc.). Out are Neolithic Era foods that result from agriculture or animal husbandry (grains, dairy, beans/legumes, potatoes, sugar and fake foods).”
From: www.paleodiet.com

To reserve your place at the table RSVP to this post, or contact Joni.

Do you have special needs? such as: you and/or your guests avoiding certain foods at this time, handicap parking needs, any other special needs. Be sure to include your needs in your RSVP or contact me.


At the door: $50 per person
Advance payment: $40 per person

Four ways to pay:
1. Pay through MeetUp/PayPal.
2. Pay through PayPal with a credit card by clicking here, no need for a PayPal account.
3. Send a check to Joni Sare, 22560 Poppy Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014
4. Pay at the door with cash or check.

About Steve:
Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, neurobiochemist, nutritional formulation consultant, legal expert witness and is considered an expert in brain function and metabolism. He has written several books, authored numerous articles and papers, illustrated books and scientific papers and served as editor, technical editor and guest editor on many more. He is currently writing his sixth book. In 1979, he co-founded a nutrition company, Vitamin Research Products and managed their research, new product development, manufacturing, data-processing and shipping departments until 1983. In 1992, he founded and continues to direct the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute. His ability to translate technical topics for the public led to TV appearances on People are Talking, a San Francisco-based TV talk show, The Dr. Dean Edel Show, a nationally syndicated TV talk show, and CNN's Larry King Live and several anti-aging documentaries. Steve is available for private and group nutrition counseling.
Email address: fowkes2 [at] ceri.com
Web samples of Steve's writings and talks: www.ceri.com, www.youtube.com
Telephone:[masked]-CERI (2374)

About Joni:
Joni Sare, Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator – teaches, consults, caters and cooks for groups and individuals in the South Bay and around the Bay Area. She has studied nutrition and aimed for a healthy lifestyle since 1988. She received her Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef certifications from Bauman College(.org). Her focus is digestive wellness, weight management and preventive health care. Her specialty is Intuitive Cooking – teaching others to create tasty, healthy meals without recipes for their specific health needs. Her passion is to bring people together, to share concerns and interests, to learn and grow in an intimate setting. Her cooking is simple, tasty and nutritious, with meat, vegetarian, vegan and/or raw food meals.

Visit Joni's website for more info and follow her cooking blog at: www.JoniSare.com
jonisare [at] gmail [dot] com

A note from Joni about the Dialog Dinners

Hosting the Dialog Dinners brings me one step closer to having a restaurant, yet allows me to offer more….. a one-of-kind tasty healthy meal… and… having a featured guest, with a group discussion, enables a growing and learning experience in an intimate setting.

Through conversations like this people share interests and ideas, and shift happens. The guest speaker leads and facilitates the conversation at the dinner table, topics include: health, consciousness, exercise, environment and living.

This brings the experience of eating out and sharing dinner with others to a whole new level.

Join me for the Dialog Dinners in Cupertino and around the Bay Area. Please contact me to suggest and/or offer to be a featured guest and/or to host a Dialog Dinner.

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