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The Truth About Jimmy Moore

I’ve been listening to Jimmy Moore’s podcasts and reading his blog for a few years now. But I’d never met him. I’m always interested to meet people in real life, because often the “online persona” they’ve created is very different to the reality.

Jimmy Moore recently left Australia after his trip over for the Low Carb Down Under seminar series, and I met him in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

So, what is Jimmy Moore really like?

Does he really eat what he says he eat? Has he really lost a lot of weight?

Well, if you were hoping for some dirt, I’m afraid there is none!

Firstly, Jimmy has lost a lot of weight. He is far slimmer than his pre-Australia blog photos implied. A lot of people on the internet seem to criticise Jimmy, because he lost and then regained weight. But the thing is, Jimmy has always been honest about it. I have a lot of respect for someone who is able to put their hands up, say it isn’t working – and try a new approach.

Nutritional Ketosis

Jimmy’s new approach, Nutritional Ketosis is working. Really working.  He gave some very honest lectures, sharing exactly what he is doing, how it is working and how he feels. He even took his blood readings on stage.

I’ve also read a lot of speculation about what actually Jimmy eats. But after a few meals with Jimmy, there’s no “odd meals”, just normal, fairly Primal meals, that are a lot more bias towards the fat content than mine would be. A lot of the fat content comes from dairy, such as butter (he certainly gets through a lot of butter!), as well as foods like avocado.

Being in Nutritional Ketosis certainly seems to give Jimmy a lot of energy, particularly evident when we did the coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi beach!

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With some weight still to lose myself, I’m very interested in Nutritional Ketosis. I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more fat in the last few weeks, but perhaps it might be time to embark on a more scientific n=1 experiment of my own.

Jimmy is a really nice guy, who clearly cares a great deal about everyone who reaches out to him.  A lot of people in the Paleo/ low carb community have come from a fitness (I.e. crossfit) or a health angle – and whilst the nutrition may be similar, the journey isn’t.  I find it really refreshing and inspiring to hear an honest account of weight loss – what works and what doesn’t. A lot of Australians who attended the lectures have been very inspired by Jimmy’s story – and several people are doing their own Nutritional Ketosis experiments. I can't wait to start to hear the progress reports.

It was also an absolute pleasure to meet Christine, Jimmy’s wife, who is clearly extremely supportive of everything Jimmy does. If there is any dirt on Jimmy Moore, I’m sure Christine will be the one to dish it!

What do you think about Jimmy’s Nutritional Ketosis n=1 experiment? Are you tempted to try it for yourself?

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  1. Evelyn aka CarbSane
    Evelyn aka CarbSane says:

    Sorry Suz, but he lied to the audience in his presentation. His weight did NOT creep back a few/several kilos a year. He HAS been the weight he is now as recently as April 2011. He took off almost all the weight he gained from end 2007-mid 2008 by January of 2009.

    That is the TRUTH about Jimmy Moore.

  2. Jillm
    Jillm says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy and Christine Moore at the Brisbane event on 1st December. What a wonderful couple. They are warm, friendly and generous. I wish I could have spent more time with them. In fact, all the speakers were excellent. What a memorable day. Jill

  3. Vicki Kleber
    Vicki Kleber says:

    Dear “Carbsane”: I see your one woman crusade against Jimmy continues. I have to say that one of the things I like best about Jimmy and Christine is that they personify the concept of grace. I think you would be a less angry and vindictive person if you would embrace grace in your words and deeds, even towards those with whom you disagree. I hope you can find a way to be a happier person. God bless.

  4. martin
    martin says:

    I’ve “met” Jimmy on his show and he is a great interviewer and host. Warm and friendly. Engaging. Knowledgable. Prepared.

    Permanent ketosis is nothing for me though. I like my rapadura based kefir, honey, fermented fruits and a bit of safe and resistant starches. I like lots of colours and seasonal changes and probably too much protein 🙂 A bit of fasting as part of a grain-free and relatively fatty and no processed sugar diet probably will get your ketones flowing, I should think, if that’s what you’re after. But calorie, macronutrient and whatever counting and breathalyzer is of no interest.

    For theraputic purposes there is no doubt that it works wonders for some, especially epileptic children, but I am pretty healthy and steer well clear of anything that could resemble orthropraxy.

    A friend, who is a traditional healer in the Amazon and for whom diet is the foundation of all healing powers, once said:

    “Once you know what you are doing, you can eat anything, at anytime.”

    To paraphrase another inspiration, “if dancing is not part of your diet, then it is not my diet”.

    That said, all power to those who are happy in ketosis! 🙂

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    I am pretty sure it was either on his podcast or the ketovangelist podcast they said that of 100g of protein a up to 57g can be broken down into glucose and of 100g of fat about 9g can be broken down to glucose (to feed the brain especially handy when in ketosis). Although I have a lot of weight to lose I had a magical experience with ketosis late last year where I was happily eating under 500 calories a day for about 2 weeks (until I fell out of ketosis due to a lack of understanding of it.) A couple of days there I forgot to eat until about 4 in the afternoon. Anyway this is most likely why Jimmy now promotes more fat and less protein, or as he calls it a high fat, low carb and only moderate protein as to much protein equals to much glucose. It cured me of my chronic gout, had it everyday for about 6 years and now I only get it if something majorly goes wrong eg whooping cough injection, body somes in to contact with poisens etc.

    Bairnsdale, Victoria.


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