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Top 14 Paleo Films & TV Shows

There seem to be quite a few Paleo Films and TV shows with a Paleo theme.

My favourites are: –

  1. Robb Wolf in ICaveman  As I'm sure everyone has heard by now Robb Wolf was just on ICaveman on Discovery spreading the Paleo message.
  2. Tom Naughton’s Fat Head  Tom made this film in response to “Super Size Me” and it’s a great watch, Tom is a very funny guy!
  3. Food Inc  This film is about how big corporations control Americas food industry, scary watching!
  4. Food Matters  This documentary is about the role of nutrition in health, an obvious link, but one that is often ignored.
  5. Fresh  This is a good follow-on film to Food Inc, addressing how we go about changing the way food is produced.
  6. Flow  All about water…
  7. King Corn  How the food system works
  8. Future of Food  Food and GMO
  9. Forks over Knives  Linking diseases with processed foods
  10. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead  How an overweight man saved himself by taking control of his diet
  11. Gourmet Farmer  This is a documentary series filmed in Tasmania, Australia following a former restaurant critic as he attempts to become self sufficient on his recently acquired farm.  He’s not Paleo and it is a bit of an Aussie version of Riverside cottage – but it’s all about whole, real food and self sufficiently – and that is Paleo.
  12. Riverside Cottage  Perhaps the inspiration for “Gourmet Farmer” another series about self sufficiency and real food.
  13. Man V’s Wild  It doesn't get much more Paleo than watching Bear Grylls mastering the art of survival in very challenging environments!
  14. Castaway   So, not strictly Paleo, but it has Tom Hanks in it and explores quite a Primal situation!

I'm sure I've missed hundreds of Paleo related documentaries, films and TV shows.  I love to hear about your favourites and what I've missed off the list!

Paleo related films movies tv shows diet health-min