Swapping Red Meat for Whole Grains newspaper health article healthy paleo diet

Swapping Red Meat for Whole Grains?

I found this enlightening little article in November’s “Good Health” magazine (I wish they’d be more accurate and add “not” before the magazine name). When will they get over their obsession with “Health Whole Grains”?

Red-Meat-Swap-swapping red meat for whole grains

The article tells us to “replace one serving of red meat a day with one serving of nuts, low-fat dairy or whole grains”, which apparently will significantly reduce your risk of developing type two diabetes.  This really misleading (and anti Paleo!); it makes it sound like replacing your organic, grass-fed steak with a few slices of carb-heavy whole grains will actually be a positive health move!  It’s becoming widely accepted that the blood sugar rise caused by carbohydrates causes the problem – not consumption of good quality red meat.

Looking into the actual study, it is apparent that processed AND unprocessed red meat have been put into the same category.  It’s no wonder processed meat, with all the additives and chemicals would have a detrimental effect on health.   Also, people who eat processed meats are, I would argue, are more likely to eat without concern for their health, with the rest of their diets.  Reading further, the study was not a clinical study, but an observational study, based on questionnaires over a 20-year period.  Unless a study is controlled, or subjects are monitored around the clock, how accurate are their survey responses anyway?

Swapping Red Meat for Whole Grains newspaper health article healthy paleo diet