7 Most Pointless Foods paleo diet-min

7 Most Pointless Foods

As a fan of real food, some of the things I see on sale completely baffle me. This is my list of the seven most pointless “foods” on sale in a store near you…

1. Packet egg whites.


Where to start with this one? What’s wrong with the poor victimised yolk and all of the nutrition it offers? And exactly how hard is it to crack open an actual real egg?

2. Coconut oil spray.


I wrote a whole post about this one – the point of spray oil is to make sure we have a low fat diet – so given that we aren't scared of fat, coconut oil in a spray can is a complete contradiction…

3. Avocado spread.


My avocados turn brown not longer after I've cut them – yet this stuff stays mysteriously green…

4. Mashed pumpkin.


How hard is it to cook up a pumpkin and mash it?

5. Light coconut milk.


I eat coconut milk and revel in what an incredible fat source it is. They reduce the fat? In coconut milk? There would have to be a national shortage in coconut milk before I’d buy this.

6. Meat in a can.


I just don’t get it?

7. Fruit sugar.


Given that fructose is the sugar we want to avoid – they've cleverly separated it so we can get a huge hit in one go.

Do you agree with my list? What would be on your list of the most pointless foods – and why?

7 Most Pointless Foods paleo diet-min