Paleo Vegetarian vegan recipe ebook cookbook

The Paleo Vegetarian and Vegan Recipe Book

I’m thrilled to announce my new Vegetarian and Vegan Paleo Recipe ebook has just been launched!

Paleo Primal Vegetarian Vegan Recipe Ebook Cookbook

With almost 40% of those following a Paleo diet having at one stage been either Vegan or Vegetarian, there seems to be a real lack of information in this area – something I want to change.

Many Paleo sources seem very definitive in saying that you cannot be both Paleo and Vegan or Vegetarian – but I think there is middle ground. Whilst eating animal products seems to be optimal, I think by cutting out grains and legumes you can make significant health improvements.

Vegetarians and Vegans tend to rely heavily on grains for calories and legumes for protein, so one of the key aims in the recipe book has been putting together recipes with a good, Paleo, protein source. Eggs are obviously a great protein source, but not on the menu for Vegans, so I’ve not lent too heavily on eggs in this book.

I’ve also noticed how difficult it is for people who decide to start eating meat, having been a Vegetarian or Vegan for some time. I devote a chapter in this book to transitioning to eating meat – as this is not an easy step to take. When starting to eat a Paleo diet, having relied heavily on grains and legumes, it can be difficult. I’ve therefore added in a chapter on properly preparing grains and legumes. Whilst not Paleo, traditionally prepared grains are far safer, and can make the move away from grains far easier than going cold turkey.

The book features a balance between quick and simple recipes and more substantial Paleo Vegan recipes. With soups, salads, bakes gratins, side dishes, main courses and snacks – I’ve tried to make sure there is something for everyone.

Currently only available in ebook format (watch this space for the print version, later in the year), this book has over 100 pages of beautifully photographed recipes. Recipes are Paleo and Vegetarian – with over three quarters being Vegan and Paleo (i.e. no animal products such as eggs and dairy, as well as no meat).

I’d love to hear your feedback on this book and if you’ve followed a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, how your journey has been.

You can buy the Vegetarian and Vegan Paleo Recipe ebook here for $17.

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